A guide on Poker online games terminologies

What is ante or call? Anyone who doesn’t know about poker may relate to the real world meaning where call means a phone call. On the other hand, they think ante means a female relative. These are the terms of poker online games. A beginner will not understand it unless he plays few games to become familiar to the game. This is a guide where you will learn the basic terminologies so that you can quickly start the game.

However, before we begin let us know the key areas of poker games to master.

Key areas to master

  • The starting of betting- blinds, and antes
  • Betting options- raise, check and call
  • Betting structures- no-limit, pot-limit, spread-limit, and fix-limit
  • Betting terms- stack, bump and limp

The poker online game starts when the player puts money into the pot. It means every player put their money at stake before dealing with starting hands. The game starts in two different ways.

Antes and blinds

The ante is the amount each player put. This is usually a small amount to start the game. Importantly, the ante is not a bet rather it is a method to begin playing. On the other hand, the blind is a bet which is another way to start the game. Player gets to see their card after this move, thus we say it as a blind.

However, there are two blinds- little and big blind. The player on the left of a dealer places little blind. That on the two places farther to the left player place big blind. Usually, the value of blind is fixed which means every player has to place the same amount of money.


Check means pass in poker online games. aplikasi poker1001 A player can pass the check-in case nobody has to place the bets. However, the first round gets over when everyone checks.


Bet is simple to understand as it is the money you put or in place of money you can even put chips. The betting structure decides the betting amount. The players will have to choose from three left actions.


When you or another player calls it means he is placing the equal amount another place has a bet. In case, someone raises the bet you will not get the turn. On the other side, if everyone else on the table calls or fold then round is over.


Raise means simply increasing the amount of money. This amount should be more than the original bet. A player can raise more amounts in some poker online games but usually, the original bet is the limit.


When you fold that means you throw your hand.

Betting structures

Spread limit games have a range within which a player makes bet. In fixed-limit games, there is a limit for each betting round. However, pot limit games limit the betting amount to the pot size. No limit games are popular because of its easy betting structure.

A buy-in is amount to play a tournament in situs online poker. Limp means call, post means putting a bet; kick it means to raise and stacks are total chips.

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