A Little Bit About The History Of Tennis

Tennis is a sport which is enjoyed by many people around the world and its increasing popularity has gained many enthusiasts. It is now being broadcast around the globe and with this increased coverage has come sponsorship, which has made it into one of the richest sports in the world. There are millions of people who now play tennis both for recreation and in amateur tournaments. Throughout the decades there have been some very memorable players who have inspired others to take part and I am sure that the current raft of players are continuing the trend.

It is thought that tennis first began in the 12th century where a game was played in the French royal court where players used their hands to hit a ball. Wimbledon Removals This game was known as “paume” which when translated to English, means palm. Simple racquets were introduced as the game became more popular in the other European royal courts and the name was changed to jeu de paume. The French players called out ‘Tenez’ which means play and the game changed its name to Royal or Real Tennis. Through the early 1870s, a Major Walter Wingfield devised a game based on real tennis for his guests to play. This was the first time the game was played in this form on grass and he then renamed it lawn tennis. He also patented the equipment and set the rules for the game during this time.

As the game has moved on, so too has the clothing and equipment and it is no longer sufficient for serious players to just have any old racquet and a pair of suitable shoes. There are now almost endless choices for racquets, clothing, shoes and other equipment for players to choose from. Some of the equipment is relatively cheap but other pieces have been specially engineered and are expensive. Tennis racquets have undergone a lot of modifications over the years and if you look at early photographs, you will see that they are constructed from wood and catgut. Modern composites and nylon strings have made them really lightweight and very strong, although some players still prefer natural strings so this is still an option if preferred.

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