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Basic Chemistry, 4th Edition

Basic Chemistry, 4th Edition

Author: Karen C. Timberlake and William Timberlake

Publisher: Pearson


Publish Date: January 10, 2013

ISBN-10: 0321809289

Pages: 744

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Welcome to the fourth edition of Basic Chemistry. This text was written and designed to help you prepare for science-related professions, such as engineering, nursing, medicine, environmental or agricultural science, or for careers such as laboratory technology. This text assumes no prior knowledge of chemistry.

The main objective in writing this text is to make the study of chemistry an engaging and positive experience for you by relating the structure and behavior of matter to real life. This new edition introduces more problem-solving strategies, including math remediation, new concept checks, more problem-solving guides, new Analyze the Problem features, conceptual and challenge problems, and new sets of combined problems.

It is our goal to help you become a critical thinker by understanding scientific concepts that will form a basis for making important decisions about issues concerning health and the environment. Thus, we have utilized materials that

• help you to learn and enjoy chemistry
• develop problem-solving skills that lead to success in your chemistry course
• promote learning and success in your chosen career

New to This Fourth Edition

New and updated features have been added throughout this fourth edition, including the following:

• Chapter Openers provide timely examples and engaging, topical issues of the chemistry that is part of contemporary professions.

• Integrated math remediation includes new Key Math Skills that review basic math relevant to chemistry throughout the text concluding with a Key Math Skills review at the end of each chapter with examples.

• Core Chemistry Skills icons identify the key chemical principles in each chapter that are required for successfully learning chemistry. A Core Chemistry Skills review at the end of each chapter summarizes and gives examples.

• Chapter Readiness at the beginning of each chapter lists the Key Math Skills and Core Chemistry Skills from the previous chapters that provide the foundation for new chemistry principles in the current chapter.

• Analyze the Problem features that are now included in the solutions of the Sample Problems to strengthen critical-thinking skills illustrate the breakdown of a word problem into the components required to solve it.

• UPDATED! Combining Ideas features offer sets of integrated problems that test students’ understanding by integrating topics from two or more previous chapters.

• UPDATED! End-of-Chapter Problems based on reviewer feedback and MasteringChemistry® metadata ensure a range of difficulty levels, while added section references make homework and review more efficient for students.

• UPDATED! Chemistry Link to Health boxes, “Brachytherapy,” “Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons 1PAHs2,” and “Breathing Mixtures for Scuba,” have been added.

• UPDATED! Chemistry Link to the Environment boxes, “Energy-Saving Fluorescent Bulbs,” “Vanilla,” and “Pheromones in Insect Communication,” have been added.

• UPDATED! Guides to Problem Solving have been added.

• UPDATED! Chapter Reviews now include bulleted lists and thumbnail art samples related to the content of each section.

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