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There is such a thing as Business Management Process that is also known as Management by Business Process. As mentioned before, there might be a confusion of the traditional hierarchy in the organizational chart. That is why there is a new term used which is Corporate Management through Processes. When the process is used, the objectives that were laid down in the planning phase will eventually be worked out step by step.

The business process ideas consist of tasks, production, department, and outputs. It was noted that these processes have been in operation since the 1990s. The whole process made use of an IT specialized program that consists of software engineering papers that are commonly referred to as the middleware. Also, it can be attributed to business processes or business process modeling.

There is a five-phase Business Process Management Cycle that starts with the Design phase. This first phase includes brainstorming of what the company wants “to-be”. The next phase is the Modeling phase which puts the theoretical framework as well as the introduction of the variables. The execution phase involves an application that contains the agreed processes. Aside from the technological aspect, human intervention is also included. Next to it is the Monitoring phase that tracks down every process that was encountered. A failure at any point will be noted down to be evaluated and be the basis for improvement. The phase will be followed by Optimization that extracts potential opportunities and last is reengineering. With this, the whole process will be modified from start to end for the company to achieve the desired goals and effectiveness.

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