Fire Extinguisher Servicing And Other Systems For Maintaining Fire Safety

In addition to regular fire extinguisher servicing, as required by the law, I would say that you should also make sure that your extinguishers are all mounted the way that they should be too. During your equipment servicing you can ask the service engineer how you should mount the unit to the wall.

I will give a couple on suggestions for this in this article. The extinguisher should be affixed to the wall so that the carrying handle is one meter from the floor. For smaller appliances it should be around 1.5 meters from the floor.

A specialist fire safety servicing technician will know these things, but you should inspect the simple things on your own. This will save time for the engineer to do more important things that he is there for. For special interest such as disabled people your can make adjustments, but the appliance does need to stay off the floor.

The extinguishers should be near the exit doors, and in shallow recesses, away from extreme heat. Follow these few tips, and you should be OK when it come to placement of your fire safety appliances. A fire servicing technician can help you get this done right.

What Are Some Good Practices For Proper Placement of Equipment?

An extinguisher should be 1.5 meters form the floor at the carrying handle.

It should be affixed firmly to the fire extinguisher maintenance singapore wall, or a proper stand made for such appliances.

You can adjust the height of your extinguishers in certain areas to make access easier for disabled people.

They should be placed near doors, on exit routes and in shallow recesses.

An appliance should never be placed near extreme heat.

Always perform a fire extinguisher servicing once a year.

These are just a few tips for proper positioning and maintenance of your extinguishers. After mounting them, you could ask a fire extinguisher servicing technician for any other suggestions on this subject. The most important thing to remember is that the time and cost of carrying out annual safety equipment servicing once a year is far less than the potential cost of not doing it.

You should always be vigilant about the safety of your building, and your employees, and fire extinguisher servicing once a year may well save your life. Just think of it in the terms of living, or not living, this could make all the difference if a fire breaks out in your business.

There is nothing hard about it, if you don’t want to do organize it, or you don’t have the time to, you should delegate it to another person on your staff. It is very important that your do a fire extinguisher servicing every year and the easiest way is to set up a contract with a professional specialist company.

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