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Rugs are ideal for your home or office if you want to give a cozy and elegant touch to the ambiance. They can also add a dash of color and charm. By browsing an online rug store, you get to check countless varieties from the comfort of your home. Online rugs are of various kinds, from exotic Oriental ones, Navajo ones, and Persian ones to contemporary designs, deco-friendly ones, and economy or discount ones.

History Of Rugs

The history of rugs is as old as the history of weaving itself. Cured animal skin was probably the earliest fabric used as rugs to spread on the floor for sitting and sleeping. Soon, the rough animal skin was replaced with softer wool of sheep for making them. The oldest known one was discovered in 1949 in Siberia by a Russian archeologist called Sergei Rudenko. It was found frozen and preserved in ice at a burial site. Called the “Pazyryk” carpet, it was dated to 5th century BC and is considered to be an authentic and splendid piece of Scythian art. The “Pazyryk” carpet was found to have been made in lush colors, intricate design, and in a still-popular knotting style called the Ghiordes knot, a Turkish style of knotting.

Fragments of woven one material have been found in Old Egyptian and Mesopotamian tombs dating back to 4000 years. Ancient Asian, mainly Mongolian tribes are credited with being the first to make and use rugs, although the art involved in creating an exotic one is attributed today to ancient Persians. The authentic, luxurious silk of China and the detailed beauty of Turkish and Mongolian embroidery have further added to the artistic appeal of the rug.

Online Rugs: Colors And Fabrics

Rugs are available in a stunning array of splendid colors, designs, and fabric. Colors for rugs include earth tones like brown and red to lighter and colorful hues. Persian, Oriental, and Najavo ones usually have traditional set motifs, while contemporary ones have modern and flamboyant designs. Rugs can also be made out of natural fabric like wool, silk, leather, cotton, linen, angora, etc. to synthetic fabrics like nylon. They can be hand-made or machine-made. Exotic authentic ones like Persian ones and Oriental ones are usually hand-made.

Online Rugs For All Purposes

Online rugs can be bought for various occasions and functions. If you need a cozy bed one for your pet so your pet can rest, you can look for a pet one. If comfort is your overriding concern, a luxurious shag one made of long, fluffy pieces of material is ideal for you. On the other hand, if decorating the interiors of your house is of primary importance, go for a finely-designed Oriental or Persian one.come or visit our Modern rugs online at Cape Town

The right online rug adds comfort and beauty to your home or office, but can also be a great conversation piece when you host parties. If you want to add a festive look to your home, an exotic Persian or Navajo one can be a great idea. Before you choose an online one, decide on what you need from the rug and then check out from the myriad choices.


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